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There's no better choice for pool installation in New Jersey than Woodbridge Pools. Our experienced pool installers are licensed contractors and specialists in all things pools. We have been the preferred local pool installers for over 60 years, trusted by homeowners throughout the state to create their perfect backyard oasis. Our commitment to expert advice, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service has made us the top choice for above ground and semi inground pool installation in New Jersey. Let us bring your pool dreams to life with our expertise and dedication to providing the best pool experience possible.

New Jersey Pool Sales

New Jersey’s Premier Pool Contractors

If you’re looking for a top-quality above ground or semi inground pool that will turn your yard into an enjoyable retreat, look no further than Woodbridge Pools. Our team of experienced pool specialists is dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch pool sales and installation services. We pride ourselves on providing only top-rated over ground pools and using only the best materials and installation practices, ensuring that your pool will be beautiful and durable. With over 60 years of pool installation experience and familiarity with local zoning setback limits, we have the expertise to help you select a semi inground or above ground pool that is perfect for your yard.

Top-Quality Above and Semi Inground
Swimming Pools

Whether you're looking for a top-rated above-ground or semi inground hard-sided swimming pool, Woodbridge Pools offers a variety of high-quality aluminum or steel swimming pools and expert installation services to meet your needs:

New Jersey Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Pools

Woodbridge Pools is New Jersey’s source for a wide selection of steel and aluminum backyard above ground swimming pools. With size, shape, color and style options to meet every aesthetic preference and sturdy, corrosion-resistant construction, our above ground pools are long-lasting and will provide years of enjoyment to your family.

New Jersey Semi Inground Pools

Semi Inground Pools

If you prefer the appearance of an in-ground pool but don’t want the permanence, an aluminum semi inground pool is a fabulous option. A semi pool is an above ground pool that looks like an inground pool. Unlike a fully inground pool, a semi inground pool requires no cement for installation but is rust and corrosion resistant and extremely strong and durable. Enhance your yard with a semi inground pool from Woodbridge Pools and spend leisure time enjoying your backyard retreat.

Swimming Pool Shapes and Sizes Perfect for Your Yard!

Our pool specialists can help you select a pool shape and size that will meet your town’s zoning requirements, match your preferences, and add luxury to your yard. We offer a wide selection of pools in depths ranging from 52-54 inches, in shapes and sizes including:

Round Pools

  • 12 ft
  • 15 ft
  • 18 ft
  • 21 ft
  • 24 ft
  • 27 ft
  • 30 ft

Oval Pools

  • 12 x 17 feet
  • 12 x 18 feet
  • 12 x 21 feet
  • 12 x 24 feet
  • 15 x 24 feet
  • 15 x 30 feet
  • 18 x 33 feet

Rectangular Pools

  • 9 x 13 feet
  • 9 x 17 feet
  • 9 x 21 feet
  • 9 x 25 feet
  • 9 x 29 feet
  • 13 x 17 feet
  • 13 x 21 feet
  • 13 x 25 feet
  • 13 x 29 feet
  • 13 x 33 feet
  • 17 x 25 feet
  • 17 x 29 feet
  • 17 x 33 feet
  • 17 x 38 feet
  • 17 x 42 feet
  • 21 x 29 feet
  • 21 x 33 feet
  • 21 x 38 feet
  • 21 x 42 feet
  • 21 x 46 feet

Pool Types

Steel Pools

  • 10-15 year lifespan
  • Above Ground

Aluminum Pools

  • 25-30 year lifespan
  • Above Ground or Semi Inground

Quality Swimming Pool Brands

As experienced swimming pool experts with over six decades of industry experience, our pool company sells and installs pools from a trusted selection of pool suppliers, including the following models:

Carvin Pool Installation


  • Diamond Series
Backyard Leisure Pool Installation

Backyard Leisure Pools

  • Solstice STR
  • Luxor
  • Soho
  • Monument
Sharkline Pool Installation


  • Fairfield
NJ Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming Pool Installation

Working hand-in-hand with our trusted swimming pool builders, Woodbridge Pools will provide you with comprehensive and efficient pool installation services. Our process includes assisting in filing paperwork and obtaining town permits required for new pool installation on behalf of homeowners. Decades of experience as local pool installers have made us experts on issues such as town zoning regulations, septic systems, trees, and yard access, and we can advise you of which pool shapes and sizes will work best in your yard for your pool installation.

Our team coordinates the entire project, from ordering the pool and equipment to delivery and swimming pool installation. Weather permitting, our experienced installers can complete an above-ground pool in one day, while a semi-inground pool may take three to four days to install. Our expert pool installers ensure proper ground leveling and provide services such as hauling away excess dirt and backfilling for semi-pools. In addition to installation, we also offer financing options through Wells Fargo.

We can connect you with trusted professionals for plumbing, electrical, decking, landscaping, and other additions to your pool area. We aim to make the pool installation process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.

The Woodbridge Pools Stress-Free Pool Installation Process

We Assist with All Permits & Coordinate Pool Delivery and Installation!

  1. Visit Our Showroom
  2. Order Your Pool
  3. Complete Permits
  4. Schedule Installation
  5. Accept Pool Delivery
  6. Pool Professionally Installed
  7. Attend Pool School
  8. Enjoy Your Pool!
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Serving New Jersey

Woodbridge Pools is proud to be the pool company trusted by homeowners throughout New Jersey:

New Jersey Pool Store
Swimming Pool Contractors

Why Choose Woodbridge Pools for Swimming Pool Sales and Installation?

Woodbridge Pools provides top-quality above and semi inground swimming pools, expert installation services, and a stress-free pool buying experience. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, our team is dedicated to providing only the best products and installations to ensure a beautiful and durable pool for your family's enjoyment. When you choose Woodbridge Pools, you’ll enjoy the following benefits and more:

  • Free Water Testing

    At Woodbridge Pools, we provide complimentary computerized water testing to assist you in achieving the optimal chemical balance for your pool. Any time you see a change in the quality of your water, stop in with a four ounce water sample. We’ll use the latest technology to conduct a fast and thorough analysis and suggest the appropriate products to prevent your pool water from turning green.

  • Quality Products

    In our large warehouse, we stock a wide range of products from reputable brands that we trust and use in our own pools. We prioritize quality to ensure you receive the most value for your money. Our inventory includes pumps, filters, pool cleaners, chemicals, and more - all essential items for keeping your pool running smoothly and looking crystal clear.

  • Expert Advice

    With more than six decades of experience in the industry, our licensed team of pool installers is well-informed and enthusiastic about providing assistance. From installing a new pool to addressing maintenance concerns or troubleshooting issues, our experts are always ready to help. Additionally, we can refer you to trustworthy plumbers and electricians who specialize in pool installation and upkeep.

  • Responsiveness

    The staff of our pool supply store prioritizes customer service, and we are open seven days a week from April to November. We know it’s important to have your pool serviced and repaired in timely manner and aim to promptly address all inquiries to ensure you can maximize your pool experience.

  • Family-owned and Operated

    As a family-owned and operated neighborhood pool store, we genuinely care about our customers and go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Our general manager personally coordinates pool delivery and installation to ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

  • Convenience

    At Woodbridge Pools, we prioritize customer convenience by offering a wide range of services. Our unique ability to provide both on-site and drop-off filter and motor repair ensures that your pool maintenance experience is convenient. We also take care of all the required permits for pool installation to make the process stress-free for you.

  • Outdoor Pool Showroom

    Our outdoor pool park is the perfect spot to ignite your inspiration! With a diverse selection of fully functional pools, our display area offers the opportunity to see the quality and craftsmanship of our pools and pool-related products. Our experienced team members are also available to answer your questions.

  • Timely Repair Service

    Woodbridge Pools offers prompt repair services to quickly address liner leaks and other crucial issues. Our trained technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to repair your pool efficiently and effectively.

Pool Installation

We Make it Easy to Find the Perfect Swimming Pool for Your Family

  1. Call or Visit Today

    Have a copy of your property survey and photos of your yard handy so our pool installation experts can determine the best location for your pool.

  2. Learn Your Options

    A pool specialist will assess your available space based on your town’s zoning regulations and help you choose pool sizes and shapes that meet your needs and preferences.

  3. Get a Free Estimate

    We’ll provide an immediate estimate for several swimming pool options that will work in your yard. Our estimate includes everything you need for pool and pool maintenance, including the pool frame, liner, pool ladder, pool filter, optional pool heater, and one month of pool chemicals and pool water test strips.