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We offer a FREE computerized analysis of your pool water.

In order to maintain crystal clear water and provide a safe swimming environment for your family and friends, the use of the proper chemicals is imperative. Here at Woodbridge Pools we have a complete water testing facility on site that can ensure the quality of your pool water at any time. As well as making sure you are not purchasing unnecessary chemicals. There is no charge for any of our water testing. Achieving the right balance of chemicals for your above ground pool can take a bit of troubleshooting. We can help you with that and provide suggestions on which chemicals are best for your pool and filter. We can also advise on the frequency of chemical addition.

We carry:

Revacil for chlorine-free sanitizing
Nu-Clo & Regal chlorine and maintenance chemicals
Buckmans liquid chlorine

Check out our full selection at our store in Avenel, NJ. Our team can help you hand pick the chemicals you require for the safe, efficient operation of your above ground pool to produce the clearest water possible. After all, what good is having a pool if you can’t swim in it? As a pool owner, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of a green pool that you just can’t seem to get blue again. While you try to troubleshoot the chemical addition, your family looks longingly at the pool in frustration as you try and fix the problem.

For all the trusted chemical manufacturers, come to Woodbridge Pools to maintain a beautiful, crystal clear pool you can be proud of season after season. Call us today or visit our store at 994 US Highway #1 in Avenel, NJ.

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